Overtone Warpzone

A Video Game Music Theory Podcast

Overtone Warpzone is a bite-sized podcast for people who enjoy games, love music, and want to know more about how their favourite songs work. Striking a chord that resonates for beginner and expert music fans alike, host Daniel Bergman focuses on one piece of music from your favorite games, and talks about a musical concept and the production of that piece.

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Praise for Overtone Warpzone

"Video games, music theory. @BergaliciousDef takes us on a musical journey in my favourite podcast: @OTWZpodcast. Honestly it's such a good podcast. Listen to it. Go now, dear listener. Go." - @MattWoelk

Hosted by Daniel Bergman

Daniel Bergman is a music teacher, artist, multi-instrumental musical performer, and lover of video games. He has a particular place in his heart for Nintendo games, to the point where he is the Guiness World Record holder for "longest video game marathon in a fighting game" for playing Super Smash Bros. for 57 hours straight.